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If you just want a basic wire binding device 2019-11-12

But if you just want a basic wire binding device, theEco C will definitely fit the bill. In one lift, it's able to punch a maximum of 25 sheets ofpaper. This device has an integrated wire clamp for your convenience.

The strengths:

The Eco C has one ofthe best punching capacities you'll find in a manual wire bindingmachine.5 millimeters and the plastic covers can only have atotal thickness of 0.5" x 11").25". Also, this machine can bind documents very quickly. Plus,your paper is punched vertically so you'll always get great results andnot need to re-punch anything. In addition to bond paper, you'll be able to punch and bind documentscontaining cardboard and/or plastic covers

The weaknesses:

The Eco C doesn't have any disengageable punching dies which is afeature normally found in more expensive devices. The absence of thisfeature means the maximum length of your documents can be 11". The spines you use should have a 2:1 pitch sothey'll match the hole pattern you get when you punch your pages. . In otherwords, the largest size of paper you'll be able to use is letter-sized(8. This is a twin-loop wire binding machine that offers dyeing machine Manufacturers incredible punching and binding capacities even though it lackssome of the more advanced features seen in more sophisticated machines. You can use wire spines that have a maximumdiameter of 1.Here are the strengths and weaknesses sewing thread winding machine of the Renz Eco C. The cardboard can't be anythicker than 1. Another feature this machine lacksis an adjustable depth of punch margin control. Left-handedpeople might not appreciate the right-hand location of the device'spunching and binding handles.3 millimeters. It can even work with thin cardboard and plastics. This machine alsohas a great binding capacity. It's a nice thing to have, but if you've never used itbefore, you probably won't miss it. Check themout. This means you'll be able to literally punch thousands of pagesevery hour which will enable you to get more done in less time.


As you can see,the Renz Eco C has the ability to punch and bind a lot of documentsquickly. This type of featureallows you to control how far away from the edge of the paper the holeswill be punched. Unfortunately, the handles can't berelocated. So it'stotally possible that you'll be able to bind up to 250 books in an houror so. When you use it, you'll be able to bindbooks that have as many as 280 pages, so it's perfect for lengthydocuments. However, itdoes lack disengageable dies and an adjustable depth of punch margincontrol, so this isn't the device to get if you need advanced featuressuch as those

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